We protect the environment

From Gràfiques Manlleu we are fully committed to protecting forests and biodiversity and doing so by reducing the environmental impact of our activities and involving us in sustainable development. We are convinced that among all of us, we can build a world in which the Environment is no longer a secondary issue and become part of the strategic axis of companies, organizations and countries.

At Gràfiques Manlleu, we believe that care for the environment is one of the main factors in the management of the company, and in our commitment to our clients. We have had the ISO 14001 certificate since 2002, and we are committed to fulfilling its requirements every day.
As a result of our responsibility and care for quality policies and respect for the environment, we received the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certification in 2010.
With this certificate, our clients can offer the end consumer the guarantee of a product that meets responsible sustainability standards.

Since 2015 and aware of the impact of our activity on climate change, we calculate our annual carbon footprint (you can download here the calculation of the different years).

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We invest in our clients

We are not only interested in obtaining certificates – we are also committed to keeping our clients loyal. We invest time in seeking solutions to the different demands made of us. In 2010, we obtained the ‘Paper by Nature’ eco-label certificate from the Hamelin Group.


A commitment to quality

At Gràfiques Manlleu, we have been working on our products in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality management system since 1999.
In 2010, the Health Protection Agency included us in the Catalonia Food Industries and Products Health Register (RISIPAC) and the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition of the Ministry of Health, Social Policy and Equality included us in the Food Company and Foodstuffs General Health Register (RGSEAA).

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