Some reasons to entrust the print of your labels to Gràfiques Manlleu

  • Our long experience in the field gives us secrets of the art of printing inks to play with products and weights of paper, to bring maximum performance in minimum cost, allowing us to be highly competitive in quality/price.

  • Trusting the life cycle of your product label Gràfiques Manlleu is a powerful tool for achieving your product from printing to the consumer’s table in a state of optimum durability and stability.

  • Both dry and wet environment, efforts suffered the label should be analyzed (impact, friction, high condensation, etc..) To determine the strength and printability of paper suitable for your product. In Gràfiques Manlleu, we have a team on hand to choose the best one.

  • Our experience allows us chocholates wrappers also ensure that no odor migration (Robinson certify test).