A press in constant evolution

Our R+D+I policy consists of constant investment in new projects, technology, processes and materials. These projects are designed to create new opportunities in today’s market. Whether by developing existing products to make them better suited to customers’ needs, or by developing new ones, with the unlimited possibilities that this entails.
  • Complex Paper

    Wet strength paper labels with a cellulose diacetate laminate for disposable and/or returnable containers.

  • Pin Code

    12-head Domino Ink Jet alphanumeric coding device in a printing machine. Able to print, encode and apply the peel-off online. Ideal for jobs involving traceability, customization or promotions.

  • Peel Off

    Varnished on the back of the label, which ensures that it can be removed properly, without tearing or damaging the print. Under all types of conditions.

  • Eco Labels

    We are FSC certified (COC-007456-SGSCH), and we can certify any manufactured material, with the guarantee of environmentally friendly, socially beneficial and economically viable forest management.

  • Robinson Test

    We guarantee the production of materials with the organoleptic migration test for packaging and materials in contact with food. We make sure that when they come in contact with food, no harmful substances are transferred and their sensory characteristics are unchanged.

  • Special inks

    Metallic plus inks, especially for beer labels.
    Thermochromic inks for display at a specific temperature.
    Olfactory inks with microcapsules that release a specific smell.
    Iridescent inks with a sheeny effect.
    Scratch off, with screen printing applications for promotional products.
    Thermochromic, olfactory, iridescent and scratch-off.
    High gloss acrylic inks, with an index of 85% (Tappi 480 75º).


We have the latest technology

In order to have the latest technology and the opportunities it brings with it, at Gràfiques Manlleu we are committed to a policy of continuous investment in machinery and equipment.


Domino alphanumeric coding or pin code machinery.

Polar 115 XT Guillotine


Polar DC-11


Polar DC-11


Polar 137 autocut

Polar BM110


Roland 706 double acrylic tower

A12 llarga

Continuous training is our best investment

Incorporating highly automated machinery, constantly updating our working methodology, and above all, our team of operators and technicians receiving continuous training, enable us to print and handle about 2,000 million labels every year.