Success of the first business meeting for the quality of employment

70 people from 42 companies participate in an event organized by the OPE to demand the quality of work in our territory.

On Wednesday, June 7, an event aimed at companies took place in the auditorium of the Ter Museum of Manlleu. The purpose of the event was to share experiences, get ideas and reflect on how to improve or maintain good quality of work in the company.

More than 70 people from 42 companies attended the event. The majority were companies linked to the OPE employment service, but companies that have not had a previous relationship with the service also attended. The event, organized by the OPE, included the participation of the Manlleu company Badabadoc.

The OPE had carried out field work analyzing the quality of work in our territory based on the offers managed by the OPE Labor service based on several indicators: the duration of the contract, the working day and schedule, rotation of personnel, promotion, non-discrimination or continuous training. This was the starting point of a portrait of the positive actions and shortcomings of the companies. Gràfiques Manlleu was one of the six companies that participated by giving their testimony.

Here you have the link to the complete news.
Photos: Manlleu City Council.

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